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Shareaholic Warning From The “It’s Not Spam When We Do It” Department

I am beyond furious with Shareaholic right now. It certainly could be argued that I bear some culpability in my own outrage, since I didn’t thoroughly review the changes included in an update to their popular social sharing plugin for WordPress. That still doesn’t excuse their sleazy behavior of changing the default action of the suggested content provided by their plugin to include links to shady websites pushing garden variety spam fare along the lines of fat burning pills and testosterone supplements. Those are just two of the disturbing ads I observed injected into this blog.

If you viewed any such off putting ads while visiting this site, please accept my humble apology. I wasted a good deal of time today on the Shareaholic site searching for methods to curb the vile behavior of their plugin, and after discovering just how ill-conceived their control options were, I factored in their blatant abuse of the trust I had placed in them, and their plugin has been permanently removed from this site.

I no longer recommend the use of their plugin, and strongly encourage anyone who may have it installed to remove it swiftly. Any value provided by their plugin can easily be replaced with features from Jetpack by Automattic, the folks behind WordPress.com and Gravatar

Rosalind Gardner of NetProfitsToday.com published a fantastic write up of this incredible shark jump last October. I only wish I had seen it then instead of finding the unsettling fallout on my site today.

Jesse Petersen of the Petersen Media Group shared a Google Search link in a recent tweet that paints a pretty gruesome picture of just how bad this situation is.