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Facing Pictures: Complex Thunderbird Email Signatures

TNJ Blood & Thunder cover art

I’m plain text email guy. I don’t like HTML email. I cling to the historic notion that an email signature should be no more than 4 lines of plain text following the traditional signature separator of two dashes, a space and a newline character. — Link Porterfield Founding Member https://www.qpg.us tel:+1 208 3913840 While this… (read more)

Silent Order: Ninite Silent Updates

I’ve been wanting to put together a script to automate software updates with NinitePro for a while now, and finally deployed my first version. Right now it simply checks to see if NinitePro is in the specified location and silently updates all the apps it can or reports back that the application is not found…. (read more)

Biting My Nails: WordPress Thumbnails On Facebook

Around this time last year I solved a problem of my blog posts not having thumbnails when published to my Facebook page by manually setting featured images in the posts, as well as using the Facebook debugger to preview links. Recently I have observed a rash of Facebook posts generated by other WordPress sites where… (read more)

Headhunter: Use Snipping Tool For Screen Grabs (Not Microsoft Word)

If you work in an office, chances are you will need computer support at some time. In the course of working with support, you may need to submit a picture of something on your computer screen. If you don’t know of another way, it may be really tempting to paste a screenshot into Microsoft Word… (read more)

Little Fluffy Clouds: Deploy a Bitnami ownCloud Stack on Linode

I recently gave a presentation at the Boise Cloud Computing Meetup on deploying a Bitnami ownCloud Stack on Linode. The presentation includes material from Bitnami, used with permission. It also incorporates an official ownCloud Community Edition promotional presentation created by community member John Smith. Linode was kind enough to donate some promotional merchandise to those… (read more)

Searchin: Remove Unwanted Search Box Changes From Firefox 34

Firefox 34 introduced a new search user interface. One of the features added in this version is the ability to use an alternate search engine on an individual search by clicking a tile in a window that pops up under the search box when it is being typed in. As long time user of DuckDuckGo,… (read more)

Control I’m Here: GFI TakeControl For Linux

NEP Control Remix

It’s no secret that I prefer to work in Linux. It’s where I am most comfortable. My staple tools are readily available and my habits are instinctual on that system. I use Max RemoteManagement on a regular basis and that platform uses its own version of TeamViewer known as TakeControl. If you are a Linux… (read more)

Test: Facebook Preview

skull x-ray

Yesterday’s blog post had its preview mangled when it got publicized to Facebook, so this is just a test post to see if the symptom persists. In the spirit of creating a tradition, here is a thematically related track from Ministry.

No Escape: Escaping Characters in Windows PowerShell

cabaret voltaire

Welcome to Windows Wednesday. I’ll make no claims of regularity for this feature. I found myself needing to escape an apostrophe (a.k.a. single quote ‘) in a path while using the Exchange Management Shell. Escaping characters on Linux with a backslash \ is second nature to me, but the need had never arisen in Windows…. (read more)