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Facing Pictures: Complex Thunderbird Email Signatures

TNJ Blood & Thunder cover art

I’m plain text email guy. I don’t like HTML email. I cling to the historic notion that an email signature should be no more than 4 lines of plain text following the traditional signature separator of two dashes, a space and a newline character. — Link Porterfield Founding Member https://www.qpg.us tel:+1 208 3913840 While this… (read more)

Failed To Initialize Enigmail On Windows 7 (Solved)

I recently had an opportunity to make use of the PGP tutorial that Adam Witthauer and I wrote with Michael W. Dean for the Freedom Feens. Being only an occasional Windows user, I hadn’t tested our instructions outside of Windows XP, and I hit a snag after installing Enigmail. I kept getting an error message:… (read more)