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Test: Facebook Preview

skull x-ray

Yesterday’s blog post had its preview mangled when it got publicized to Facebook, so this is just a test post to see if the symptom persists. In the spirit of creating a tradition, here is a thematically related track from Ministry.

No Escape: Escaping Characters in Windows PowerShell

cabaret voltaire

Welcome to Windows Wednesday. I’ll make no claims of regularity for this feature. I found myself needing to escape an apostrophe (a.k.a. single quote ‘) in a path while using the Exchange Management Shell. Escaping characters on Linux with a backslash \ is second nature to me, but the need had never arisen in Windows…. (read more)

Postfix authenticated relay broken after upgrade (Solved)

If you recently upgraded your Postfix mail server and found your outbound mail being refused as if it wasn’t even trying to authenticate, that actually may be the exact problem. Postfix 2.10 introduced the new setting of smtpd_relay_restrictions which can result in authenticated relay being disabled until you add a value to the new setting…. (read more)

Asus X75A WiFi Hardware Disabled (Solved)

While setting up Ubuntu 13.04 on an Asus X75A, I encountered a most frustrating error message on the wireless networking: “Wi-fi disabled by hardware switch”. Having just used the interface in Windows, I knew it shouldn’t be disabled, but I tried the key combination to toggle it to no avail anyway. The card was Atheros… (read more)

Failed To Initialize Enigmail On Windows 7 (Solved)

I recently had an opportunity to make use of the PGP tutorial that Adam Witthauer and I wrote with Michael W. Dean for the Freedom Feens. Being only an occasional Windows user, I hadn’t tested our instructions outside of Windows XP, and I hit a snag after installing Enigmail. I kept getting an error message:… (read more)

Oh, Numpad, How I Have Missed You

My netbook has been my primary PC for some years now. Recently it has been spending a lot of time hooked up to an LCD monitor which is a dramatic improvement over the native LCD display’s spatial shortcomings. To complement the convenience of the improved display, I have been using an old macally ikey4 USB… (read more)

Logitech MX Revolution & Synaptics Touchpad In X

I have been running Ubuntu on my netbook for around three years and using Linux for long enough that the UNIX-style highlight to copy and middle-click to paste is automatic to me. The Synaptics trackpad on the netbook only has two buttons, but three button emulation (where pressing both buttons sends a middle-click) wasn’t foreign… (read more)

Root File Management In Xubuntu

root file manager launcher

I recently contributed to a project detailing how to start using OpenPGP email using Thunderbird, Enigmail & GPG4Win over at the Freedom Feens blog. As an outgrowth of that, I have been talking with the Feens about GNU/Linux on occasion. I had something I wanted to share with the Feens to help simplify filesystem management… (read more)

Quantal Upgrades Mostly Painless. Mostly.

Ubuntu 12.10, codenamed Quantal Quetzal, was released October 18th. I upgraded my netbook over the internet and my wife’s netbook via a bootable USB flash drive made with Ubuntu’s Startup Disk Creator. Both methods were relatively painless and required the expected post upgrade maintenance of re-enabling third party software repositories. There were of course some… (read more)

Favicon Downloader

KeePass2 has the option to select from built in icons for your entries or you can customize with your own icons which are then embedded in your database. I started updating from the built in icons by grabbing the favicons from the relevant websites. While it isn’t very difficult to save these files from your… (read more)